Thursday, 21 April 2011

personality test:)

haha...good day yah..mcm mane pun,i'm still searching for myself...nak cari kat mane klau bukan through ourself..last2 ak decided nak buat quiz...PERSONALITY QUIZ...haha..google2 ak jmpe jgak..ok result dier....

You are...... NERDY KID!
You like to be right all the time, and hate being wrong(okay nie ak stuju...haahaa ada ke org yang suka bila buat salah). You are very stubborn when you want to prove something or get your point across(110%...prove it selagi ak bleh)ngeee~. You don't act out usually, and work very hard in highschool. You also get good grades.(part work hard tue i obtain good grades cm x brape btul jer....kalau x dh lame ak study abroad..nie x..ak ade tercangguk lg kat Malaysia nie)....some how, i know something bout ak mmg bkan bdak nerd...haha...ak nie bkan jnis yg serious memnjang...kalau ak mcm tue,bleh gila beb...x de life lnsung..huhu..ok esok ak ingt nk buat quiz lg:)

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