Sunday, 24 April 2011

balik kampung:)

haha...bru balik kampung semalam..n went back home today...owh, really miss bebelan my nenek n jelingan tajam from my grandpa when i'm late to take a bath..hahaXDD..then, miss my little naughty cousin...i'm the oldest systa there..coz all my cousin are boys..T.T...sdeyh coz i kena tolong my aunties kat dapur...owh, thats the fact..i hate going to the kitchen btw...bukan tak tau masak..but then when i did, there must be a complain...dadadaaaaa...HATE IT!!!..owh..if i can run the most important is when part makan..XD..LIKE!!...we eat together laaa..owh, when everyone sweet memory ever:)

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